Four years ago, at the General Assembly of the Champagne Winegrowers’ Association, the Champagne region made a strong collective decision for its future, by setting itself the objective of achieving zero herbicides by 2025.

In 2018, the President of the Union des Maisons de Champagne, Jean-Marie Barillère, said: “There are only two possible outcomes, either we move forwards or we are forced to move, with all the risks the latter entails in ecological terms, in terms of image and therefore in economic terms for our industry and our businesses. I prefer to forge a path towards a virtuous Champagne, rather than keep dwelling in the past.”

The president of the General Winegrowers’ Union, Maxime Toubart, added: “Our objective is, in a few years’ time, to be able to talk about a 100% sustainable Champagne, that takes its commitments seriously and can be held up as an example, and which can proudly proclaim: zero herbicides”.

We, the Champagne Winegrowers, Champagne Houses, and Members of Cooperatives, signatories of this open letter, wish to protest against the U-turn of the Champagne interbranch association which is today abandoning the objective of banning herbicides in the specifications of the Champagne appellation.

Inspired by our Champagne-producing predecessors who always took charge of their own destinies, we have banned the use of herbicides in our vineyards. We are staunchly convinced that the Champagne of tomorrow will be cleaner and greener if we take action now rather than waiting for the constantly postponed European ban on glyphosate to take effect on our Champagne soils.

We now have real alternatives to herbicides available. The technical services of the Champagne Committee and the Chambers of Agriculture have been advocating them for fifteen years.

The increase in technical skills and the management of cover crops have been evaluated, as have the needs for training, labour and investment in agricultural equipment. We know first-hand just how difficult it is to change practices in areas that are difficult to access, such as steeply sloping or uneven land, which could benefit from a more appropriate regulatory framework.

These solutions are easier to put in place in an AOC with very high added value, such as ours. In a very favourable economic context, our appellation must stand out from the crowd more than ever before. Currently, the only reason that herbicides are still used in Champagne is convenience, coupled with a lack of knowledge about the environmental and health impact of the molecules used.

We know that the use of herbicides is detrimental to both biodiversity itself and the benefits of biodiversity for crops. Herbicides penalise the microbial life of the soil, the expression of the typical characteristics of terroir, as well as encouraging run-off and erosion of the slopes.

Herbicides affect the health of workers who are exposed to them and the health of residents in the areas where they are used. The presence of herbicide molecules and their metabolites in bodies of water has already forced water catchment areas in wine-growing communities to be closed and filtration systems have had to be installed at an exorbitant cost for communities.

We are the actors and custodians of one of the most prestigious wine appellations in the world. What kind of Champagne do we want to leave to our younger colleagues, to our children, to our fellow Champagne citizens?

We, Champagne Winegrowers, Champagne Houses and Members of Cooperatives, call upon the General Union of Winegrowers and the Union of Champagne Houses to continue implementing their progress strategy by respecting the deadline of “Zero Herbicides by 2025”, comprising an effective and sustainable commitment from our sector, in the interests of all stakeholders in the Champagne region and our fellow citizens.



List of 202 signatories (June 26, 2023) :

Ambroise Agrapart, Champagne Pascal Agrapart

Fabrice Agrapart, SCEV Fabrice Agrapart,

Victor Allier, Champagne Cose,

Roland Amyot,

Marc Augustin, Champagne Augustin,

Christophe Baldin, Champagne Ange Echarly,

Thomas Barbichon, Champagne Barbichon,

Aurélie et Loïc Barrat, SAS l’Orélie,

Pierre Baudin, Earl Baudin Fils,

José Baudry, Champagne Baudry,

Amaury Beaufort, Champagne Amaury Beaufort,

Constant Beaufort, Champagne André Beaufort,

Jacques Beaufort, SAS Jacques Beaufort,

Quentin Beaufort, Champagne Quentin Beaufort,

Réol Beaufort, Domaine Elodie Beaufort,

Thierry Belorgeot, Champagne Belorgeot Thierry,

Charles Bénard, Champagne Laurent Bénard,

Raphaël Bérèche, Champagne Bérèche et Fils,

Sébastien Berger, Coopérateur – Vendeur au kg,

Fabien Bergeronneau, Champagne Fabien Bergeronneau,

Jérôme Blin, Champagne Jérôme Blin,

Claire et Maxime Blin, Champagne Maxime Blin,

Antoine Bocquet, Champagne Vincent Bliard,

Jean-Etienne Bonnaire, Champagne Bonnaire & Clouet,

Adeline Bonnet, Champagne Camille Marcel,

Colette Bonnet, Champagne Colette Bonnet,

Cyril Bonnet, Champagne Bonnet Ponson,

Cédric Bouchard, Champagne Roses de Jeanne,

Elise Bougy, Champagne Elise Bougy,

Antoine Bourret, Champagne Perthois Lebrun,

Charlotte Bourgeois, Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz,

Jérôme Bourgeois, président de L’Association des Champagnes Biologiques

Antoine Bouvet, Champagne Antoine Bouvet,

Hervé Brisson, Champagne Hervé Brisson,

Thibaud Brocard, Champagne Pierre Brocard,

Emmanuel Brochet, Champagne Emmanuel Brochet,

Delphine Brulez, Champagne Louise Brison,

Etienne Calsac, Champagne Etienne Calsac,

Aurore Casanova, Champagne Aurore Casanova,

Fabien Cazé, Champagne Cazé Thibaut,

Laurent Champs, Champagne Vilmart & Cie

Hélène Charbaut, Champagne Hélène Charbaut,

Vincent Charlot, Champagne Vincent Charlot & Champagne Charlot-Tanneux,

Alexandre Chartogne, Champagne Chartogne-Taillet,

Lucie Cheurlin, Champagne L&S Cheurlin,

Antoine Chevalier, Champagne Antoine Chevalier,

Stéphanie Chevreux, Champagne La Parcelle,

Aurélien Clément, Champagne Clément et Fils,

Paul Bastien Clergeot, Champagne Petit Clergeot,

Cyril Collard, Domaine Gaston Collard,

Florent Collet, Domaine Collet,

Olivier Collin, Champagne Ulysse Collin,

Eric Collinet, Champagne Eric Collinet,

Jonas Collino, Champagne Petit Collino,

Alban Corbeau, Champagne Pierre Deville,

Erlande Cordeuil, Champagne Cordeuil père et fille,

Salima et Alain Cordeuil, Champagne Salima et Alain Cordeuil,

Emmanuel Cosnard, Champagne Emmanuel Cosnard,

Vincent Couche, Champagne Vincent Couche,

Antoine Coutier, Champagne RH Coutier,

Sylvie Cugnart Dardenne, EARL Dardennne,

Matthieu Dangin, Domaine Bruno Dangin,

Fabian Daviaux, Chef de Caves, Champagne Chavost,

Elise Dechannes, Champagne Elise Dechannes,

Benoît Déhu, Champagne Benoît Déhu,

Gaël et Baptiste Dekeyne, Champagne Dekeyne et Fils,

Marlène Delong, Champagne Delong Marlène,

Thomas de Marne, Champagne Thomas de Marne,

Charlotte De Sousa, Champagne De Sousa, Présidente du Groupe Les Fabulleuses,

Gislaine De Sousa, SCEV G De Sousa,

Mathieu Deshautels, Champagne Mathieu Deshautels,

Pierre Déthune, Champagne Paul Déthune,

Pascal et Noé Doquet, Champagne Pascal Doquet,

Davy Dosnon, Champagne Dosnon,

Florent Douge, Champagne Douge,

Benoît Doussot, Champagne Clandestin,

Guillaume Doyard, Champagne Doyard,

Michel Drappier, Champagne Drappier,

Charles Dufour, Champagne Charles Dufour,

Laurent Dumont, Champagne Dumont, Domaine de Mondeville,

Valérie et Gaël Dupont, Champagne Valérie & Gaël Dupont

Ludovic Durdon, Champagne Durdon Bouval,

Benoît et Jean-Sébastien Fleury, Champagne Fleury,

Sébastien Frézier, Champagne Denis Frézier,

Valérie Frison, Champagne Val’Frison,

Arnaud Gallimard, Champagne Gallimard Père et Fils,

Tom Gauditiabois, Champagne Tom Gauditiabois,

Héloïse et Bertrand Gautherot, Champagne Vouette et Sorbée,

Jonathan Gauthier, Champagne Veuve Lanaud,

Sasha et Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, Champagne Geoffroy,

Rémi Georgeton, Champagne Georgeton Rafflin,

Denis Gerardin, viticulteur,

Aurélien Gerbais, Champagne Pierre Gerbais,

Lucille Godmé, Champagne Hugues Godmé,

Florian Gonde, Champagne Gonde Rousseaux,

Damien Goulard, Champagne GM Goulard,

Didier Goussart, SARL du Val de Sarce, EARL Didier Goussart,

Soazick et Florent Grados, Champagne Emile Grados,

Alexandre Grimée, Champagne Alexandre Grimée,

Sébastien Guenin, Champagne Sébastien Guenin,

Stephane Hardy, Champagne Hardy M&S,

Jean-Luc Haudcoeur, viticulteur,

Romain Hénin, Champagne Romain Hénin,

David Hentzien, Champagne Gaiffe-Brun,

André Heucq, SCEAV Heucq,

Olivier Horiot, Champagne Serge & Olivier Horiot,

François et Pierre Huré, Champagne Huré Frères,

Olivier Jacquinet, champagne Jacquinet-Dumez,

Cyril Jeaunaux, Champagne Jeaunaux-Robin,

Hervé Jestin, Champagne Jestin,

Maxime Jolivet, Champagne Brion-Jolivet,

Jean-Félix et Jean Pierre Josselin, Champagne Jean Josselin,

Éric Jullion, Champagne Jullion Rigaut,

Géraldine Lacourte et Richard Desvignes, Champagne Lacourte Godbillon,

Alexia Lahaye, Coopératrice, Vendeuse au kg,

Valérie et Benoît Lahaye, Champagne Benoît Lahaye,

Alexandre Lamblot, Champagne A.Lamblot,

Arnaud Lamoureux, Champagne Lamoureux Mary,

Philippe Lancelot et James Moreau, Champagne Philippe Lancelot,

Pierre Larmandier, Champagne Larmandier-Bernier,

Michaël Larnaudie, Champagne Larnaudie-Hirault,

Stéphane Launois, Champagne Launois-Lebrun,

Florian Laval, Champagne A et F Laval,

Vincent Laval et Mathilde Boussel, Champagne Georges Laval,

David et Martin Léclapart, Champagne David Léclapart,

Marie-Laurène Lefébure, Maison Lefébure,

Christophe Lefèvre, Champagne Varry Lefèvre,

Gabin Lefevre, SCEV Lefevre & fils,

Jérôme Lefevre, Maison Jérôme Lefevre,

Sandrine et Pascal Lejeune, Champagne Pascal Lejeune,

Dominique Lelarge, Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot,

David Lemaire, Champagne Jean Vesselle,

Bénédicte et Emmanuel Leroy, Champagne Ruppert Leroy,

Laurent Liebart, Champagne Liébart Régnier,

José Lievens, Champagne Jacques Picard,

Michel Loriot, Champagne Appolonis,

Benoit Maillard, Président, Champagnes de la Grande Charte,

Justin Maillard, Champagne Justin Maillard,

Mathilde et Arnaud Margaine, Champagne A. Margaine,

Benoit Marguet, Champagne Marguet,

Guillaume Marteaux, Champagne Marteaux Guillaume,

Olivier Marteaux, Champagne Marteaux Olivier,

Albin Martinot, Champagne Albin Martinot,

Jean-Marie Massonnot, Champagne Jean-Marie Massonnot,

Claude Michez, Champagne La Villesenière,

Christophe Mignon, Champagne Christophe Mignon,

Dominique Moreau, Champagne Marie Courtin,

Alvaro Moreno, Importateur, A la Volé,

Sophie et Franck Moussié, Domaine Méa,

Sébastien Mouzon, SARL Mouzon Leroux,

Séverine Munier, viticultrice,

Benoît Munier, Champagne Munier Benoît,

Antoine Paillard, Champagne Pierre Paillard,

Bastien Papleux, Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot,

Bruno Parmantier, Champagne Louis Anot,

Celia et Stephane Parmantier, Champagne Parmantier Frère et Sœur,

Emilie Perron, Qualisterra,

Thomas Perseval, Champagne Thomas Perseval,

Rodolphe Peters, Champagne Pierre Peters,

Justine et François Petit Boxler, Champagne La Rogerie,

Clément Piconnet, Champagne CH Piconnet,

Raphaël Piconnet, Domaine de Bichery,

Jeanne Piollot, Champagne Piollot,

Maude Plener, Champagne Jean Plener Fils,

Regis Poissinet, Domaine Regis Poissinet,

Fabrice Pouillon, Champagne R. Pouillon et Fils,

Jérôme Prévost, Champagne La Closerie,

Alain Réaut, Champagne Réaut,

Stéphane Regnault, Champagne Stéphane Regnault,

Georges Rémy, Domaine Georges Rémi,

Marie-Noëlle Rainon-Henriet et Nicolas Rainon, Champagne Henriet Bazin,

Béatrice Richard, EARL Richard,

Delphine Richard, Champagne Boulard et Fille,

Clément Robert, SCEV Clément Robert,

Catherine Robion, Champagne Elémart Robion,

Eric Rodez, Champagne Rodez,

Yaël Sacy, Champagne Louis de Sacy – Soeur et Frère,

Sébastien Sanchez, Champagne Le Guédard,

Etienne Sandrin, Champagne Etienne Sandrin,

Frédéric Savart, Sarl Frédéric Savart,

Christelle Schweizer, viticultrice,

Thimotée Stroebel, Champagne Thimotée Stroebel,

Aurélien Suenen, coprésident du groupe Terres &Vins, Champagne Suenen,

Janick Suisse, Champagne Suisse Laval,

Solveig Tange & Alain Gérard, Champagne Tange-Gérard,

Benoît Tarlant, coprésident du groupe Terres &Vins,

Mélanie Tarlant, Champagne Tarlant,

Thibault Tassin et Alizée Vanuxeem, Champagne Thibault Tassin,

Maxime Ullens de Schooten, Domaine de Marzilly,

Jérôme Vanneyken, Champagne Clément Bliard,

Virginie et Laurent Vanpoperinghe, Champagne Caillez Lemaire,

Vincent Van Waesberghe, Champagne J.M. Labruyère,

Jean-Pierre Vazart, Champagne Vazart-Coquart,

Emmanuel Verrier, Champagne Verrier et Fils,

Lucas Vesselle, Champagne Jean Vesselle,

Jean-Louis Victor, SCEV Caillard Victor,

Floriant Villiere, Champagne Sadi Malot,

Quentin Vincey, Domaine Vincey,

Jean Philippe et Pierre-Louis Waris-Larmandier, Champagne Waris-Larmandier,

Jean-Luc Weber-Tritant, Champagne Alfred Tritant,

Marine Zabarino, viticultrice,

Frédéric Zeimett, directeur général, Champagne Leclerc Briant.


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Alexandre Baroin, Rédacteur en chef, Les Buvologues,

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Ewan Bird, Vin de Terre,

Guillaume Bodin, Vigneron-Consultant, Biodynamie & Cie,

Céline Boinon, Sommelière, Restaurant Prairial, Lyon,

Nicolas Boise, Sommelier du restaurant Elkano, Getaria,

Alexandre Boisel, La Cave des Sacres, Reims,

David Bolomey, David Wijnimport Amsterdam,

Nadège Bon-Betemps, Distributeur de champagnes, Flow Wine, Belgique,

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Jérôme Siffermann, Importateur, Cuvée 3000, España,

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